Termo Isı Contracting Group

We offer mechanical manufacturing, mechanical installation, pipeline installation, equipment supply, insulation, electricity and automation services for the power plants.

Expert in supply, installation and commissioning of the burner systems in all kinds of steam boilers where steam is used in the power generation and processes.


Our Works

  • Power Plant Installation
  • Thermal Power Plants
  • Thermal Power Plant Mechanical Installation
  • Start-up Boilers Manufacturing, Assembly and Commissioning
  • Saturated and Angry Steam Boilers Manufacturing Assembly and Dealing
  • ESP and SCR Installation
  • Ash Transfer System Installation
  • Economizer Projecting, Manufacturing and Revision
  • Heavy Pipe Production and Revisions
  • Optimization of Boiler Combustion Systems
  • Natural Gas Lines Projecting, Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Online Sampling Systems Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Chemical Dosing Systems Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Foundation Blowing Installation Works
  • Pressure Reducing Stations Projecting and Installation
  • Isolation and Refractor
  • Cogeneration systems
  • Biomass and normal Biomass boilers with pulverized incineration system
  • Waste heat recovery systems
  • Chimney Gas Treatment Systems
  • Oxygen Trim System Installation and automation in solid, liquid and gas fueled boilers
  • Combustion system automation and Isolation